How do I find the right size?
By purchasing a $6 sizing kit, you will be able to try the nails on and find the most accurate size for you.
How long do they last?
That will depend on how well you prep your nails & how rough you are with your hands. Using nail glue, If you follow all instructions listed on instruction card they should last 2-3 weeks. Using nail tabs they could last for hours, great for a special occasion.
What glue do you recommend?
KDS Glue.
How do I take the nails off?
There are 2 ways:
1.) Soaking your fingers in acetone. (NAILS WILL NOT BE REUSABLE WITH THIS METHOD)
2.) Applying cuticle oil to nails, soak in hot water + any kind of body oil, let soak for 10-15 mins, add xtra oil to any nails that are taking a bit longer.
What if the nails I purchased don't fit?
Due to all sets being handmade, we are not held responsible if the wrong size is ordered. We have sizing kits available and a sizing chart to help you find the perfect fit. If it is just 1 nail you are able to purchase a replacement nail.
Are the nails reusable?
What are the processing times?
Made to Order: Due to high volume of orders our current creation time is up to 1-3 weeks. Majority of orders will go out before this estimation but we cannot guarantee that your order will be shipped within this time frame. 
Sizing Kits: 3-5 Business Days
Ready To Ship Nails: 3-5 Business Days
What comes with the order?
Each order comes with instructions and a nail prep kit. This kit will have nail glue, a wooden cuticle pusher, a nail file, a mini buffer, and adhesive sticky tabs.
Are you taking custom orders?
Not at the moment.
Can individual nails be sold in replacement?
Yes we can replace nails. Please refer to the replacement nail page on the website menu.
Shipping Services
We are currently only shipping to US Residents.
Cancellations and Returns  
Due to the nature of the product we cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges.